Saturday, May 19, 2012

Have a Rosey Weekend

Wildflowers at My Cottage


MULTIFLORA (love the tiny rosebuds)

Photographs in Photos | What a Great Idea

Dear Photograph---Thank you for reminding me that if I wait just a little longer the seasons will always change. found @ Dear Photograph a site that combines past and present.

Perfect Peonies

Mine have not bloomed yet and are still full of big round tight buds. A friend dropped these off for me yesterday because they were dragging the ground at her house. I love having fresh flowers in the house, don't you? Have a great weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Old Greenhouse

Have a great weekend playing in the garden whether it's inside or out. via

Glynallyn House Tour | Mansion in May 2012

Great room fireplace.

Plaster ceiling detail.

Statue at edge of glen.

Early 18th century sundial built in a stone wall.
All photos are mine. Click to enlarge.
Mansion in May

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Perfect Hallway and Staircase

I love everything about this entrance hall and staircase. Designed by Norman Askins Architects. I adore the fancy dress the chair is wearing. via

Seen @ the MANSION IN MAY Designer Showcase

My friend Lynn and I went to a showcase in a medieval castle yesterday and had a wonderful time. I loved this figural wood carving best of all. This is my iPhone photo.

Mansion in May trailer. Click here to view the video. The Elizabethan-styled Tudor castle was inspired by England's Compton Wynyates in Warwickshire.

Lynn and I have gone together to almost every designer showcase house to benefit Morristown Memorial Hospital since the very first one. Somehow there was one we missed and neither of us can remember why.

Read the history of Glynallyn, the Tudor Castle here. Try to go if you can! Parking lot with fabulous shuttle buses located at 44 Whippany Road. 
This historic estate on 7.3 acres with 66 rooms, 15 bedrooms and 8 full baths is also for sale. The price is $5,700,000 for a gilded-age mansion, 32,000 square feet in size. My firm has the listing. Let me know if you have any interest. I'd love to show it to you.

A Breakfast to Crow About

I want rooster jam on my buttered and toasted peasant bread too. via

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

All About Dogs

DOGS ARE MIRACLES WITH PAWS; Live Your Dog's Life! via

Vulture at My Cottage

There must be a dead animal around here somewhere. This vulture was flying overhead when Webster and I came back from his after-dinner walk yesterday. It landed on the telephone pole in front of the cottage and spread its wings and left them in that position for quite a long time. I don't care for these big ugly birds but they do have a purpose. Another one landed in the black walnut tree. I wonder if that deer I saw on the side of the road a few houses away is still there? That must be what they are after.

Breakfast Nook -- Booth Style

What a great place for eating, doing homework, putting together puzzles, reading the paper, having coffee, computing and more. Who doesn't want to sit in a diner-style booth?  ©Lincoln Barbour

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Unusual Pillow

Goodnight. I hope I can find a more comfortable place to lay my head than a bicycle pedal. This old dog doesn't seem to mind at all, does he? Maybe he's guarding the bike for his owner. © Maciej Dakowicz

No Worries, We Have a Mudroom.

Recently I picked up a young runaway dog from the middle of the road who had been swimming in the brook. She pretty much destroyed my car before we found her home which was pretty far away. I would not extend the same courtesy to this bunch! via

New England Architecture

Madison Connecticut beauty. via

Low Country Architecture

Raised to catch the breeze. Lots of porches. Only in the south. via

Monday, May 14, 2012

Soft Rain on Monday

Webster is waterproof and needs no umbrella.
I usually enjoy walking without one too
but my iPhone does not agree.

The flowers capture the raindrops very nicely.

Mother's Day Supper was served here yesterday. Our new bluebird house is a speck in the distance.

Does Your Blood Type Describe Your Outlook?

This is great, isn't it? That's mine too -- for sure! via

Tiny House in Portland

The best porch swing ever!

I love the gable end natural wood wall.

So inviting!

The wall of books is wonderful.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Free App for making photo collages

My first picture collage using this free app

Webster Hunts for Snakes

Webster the wonder dog was out after lunch yesterday looking for snakes in the tall grass. He didn't find any but we have seen several small ones already this year. There were dragon flies buzzing around everywhere and it was a great day. 

Original iPad finger drawing converted to an eCard.

This beautiful drawing was done by a friend in Vermont. She didn't use a stylus---just her finger. After cropping it, I added the greeting and frame with Picasa. I think it became a perfect Mother's Day card, don't you? ©Jean Knight

Happy Mother's Day to All Mother Hens

How dear is this picture? I love the peeking peep, don't you? This really is motherhood at its best!  via