Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Book/Mitten Project for Newtown School Children

"Chester Raccoon stood at the edge of the forest and cried. 'I don't want to go to school,' he told his mother. 'I want to stay home with you. I want to play with my friends. And play with my toys. And read my books. And swing on my swing. Please may I stay home with you?'" — "The Kissing Hand," by Audrey Penn.
Kim Piscatelli of East Hampton, Conn., hit on the idea of sending a copy of this book to each of the kids from Sandy Hook Elementary with a pair of handmade mittens adorned with a heart in one palm, signifying the reassuring kiss left there by the mother of scared, sad Chester in the story.
Read more about this heart-warming project here.

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Ab said...

Maybe I'm cynical but this smacks of marketing to me.