Monday, October 8, 2012

The Mushroom Is Getting BIGGER

The mushroom is now bigger than the ball. I took this iPhone yesterday on the last walk of the day with Webster. I have been soooooo busy with paperwork for a new real estate listing and taking photos for the MLS that I haven't even walked poor Webster at all today. It is almost 9pm and I'm going out with him now. My poor mother has been letting him out for me. I have an open house tomorrow so I'll be busy until afternoon and then things should go on auto-pilot. I always work very hard to get everything done before the listing goes live but couldn't get the interior photos until today because of work being done inside. I just uploaded them so I can relax and watch some TV after the walk.
See you tomorrow....maybe.


jean said...

I wonder just how big that mushroom will get? Here's hoping you can get some good results with your open house.

Stacey Snacks said...

This is so funny, this mighty mushroom! Don't work so hard, Webster needs his walk!

Anonymous said...

I just know that your excellent prep paves the way for tomorrow's open house to be a huge success. And, I am sure that Webster understands that his sweet mistress has been working under a tight deadline. Webster is such a kind and wise dog.
Good night everyone at the Cottage.

Vicki said...

haha, hope Webster doesn't mistake it for a ball!
Wonder how big its eventual size will be before it collapses - keep us posted :)

Content in a Cottage said...

Linda, Stacey and Vicki...

A reader sent me an email telling me to slice the puff ball and fry it in butter with salt and pepper.

What would you do? She says they are prevalent only in the fall.

Webster enjoyed our late night walk last night.

xo, Rosemary

Garden, Home and Party said...

That mushroom could take a prize if there was such a contest! We've had a few odd colored mushrooms in our yard this fall. I wish they were the kind you can eat.
Good luck with your open house.

The Queen Vee said...

I would be afraid to slice and cook it up but that's just because I don't know which mushrooms are safe to pick and eat. I confess I buy all my mushrooms at the market. I can't wait to see how big your amazing fungi finally gets.

I know you are an excellent realtor because you are hard working, positive and have a very good attention to detail.

Webster loves you and I'm sure understands, you're always so good at making it up to him.

Susanne said...

Please be VERY careful with dogs and mushrooms. My sister and a friend both lost dogs to mushroom poisoning two years ago. Both of the dog owners are still feeling guilty from
the terrible experience.
In spite of intense vet care neither dog could be saved! So please keep your yard free of mushrooms--be sure to check under shrubs and evergreens. I don't want to hear about another tragedy.