Friday, September 21, 2012

Panorama of My Living Room

I just updated my one year old iPhone 4S software to IOS 6 and now I can take panorama photos just like the new iPhone 5! I'm having so much fun. Starting with my fireplace on the left and panning to the right you see almost 3 complete walls and the hallway leading to my bedroom. 
I worked so hard outside yesterday I was a zombie all day today. I needed this diversion to perk me up. Have a great weekend. See you tomorrow.


Perfectly At Home, New England. said...

What a beautiful, cozy room! I can feel the history and warmth, which I'm sure is what you were going for. Have a good weekend!

helene said...

Gasp! What a pretty house!

Vicki said...

Oh yay! I use panorama on my little Sony digital camera - I love it! I really opens up a new perspective doesn't it?

LOVE your house. What a beautiful, cosy space you have created! The image exudes warmth - you've captured it perfectly.

Speaking of 'home', it will be the first post on my new blog which I'll be launching out into the world tonight. Would you mind if I post a link to it soon? I would also love to have your blog on "those I follow".

Vicki :)

penelopebianchi said...

This is such a pretty, cosy, and personally collected house!

No faking that! I have ordered my new iphone.....I have to study how to do that "panorama"!



Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Beautiful and cozy! I love it. I have to try this app.

Have a wonderful weekend. Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

It always is a pleasure to "drop in." Thank you, Rosemary, for this virtual tour of your dear Cottage. I shall never tire of seeing it.
Are you recovery from your intense day in the yard? It must be gratifying to have all that good work accomplished. Be proud.

tammy j said...

oh you talented people!!!
i may have to give up my can and waxed wire.
what you do with a phone is magic!
love anyway, lol.
tammy j

Garden, Home and Party said...

Your living room is wonderful. I'm so happy you shared this great wide angle picture. I knew from the little snippets you've shared I'd love your decor. Very inviting and comfortable.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Kleurrijk said...

This week we bought a new camera with panorama possibility. It gives us much fun. And now I see your livingroom and it gives me a big recognision and a smile on my face!!!!!