Sunday, September 9, 2012

Meet a Few of the Cake Ladies

‘Not even our husbands knew!’

This is a really amazing and uplifting story about a group of 9 women in West Tennessee who decided to iron their husband's shirts and use the laundry money for baking pound cakes for needy families. It WILL make you cry.

Read all about the women who have been secretly delivering cakes to underprivileged families for over 30 YEARS via the Positive Press Daily.

Marlo Thomas wrote an even longer version of this story here.


humbird said...

Thank you for posting this very heartwarming story. A wonderful start to a Monday morning :)

The power of a few can create a wonderful, beautiful ripple throughout a community and beyond.
What a sunny, secret society.

And now that their secret is out, they will be deluged with goodwill tenfold, for such acts of kindness create further benevolence and compassion, coming full circle.

And what wonderful, supportive husbands! They must be so proud of their girls.

In reference to tammy j's blog and her first lovely post, 'heroes among us'. This story is a beautiful example of that...quiet heroes indeed :)

Content in a Cottage said...


That story is another reminder that there are angels among us.


humbird said...

Indeed there are :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, inspiring.. what a sweet blessing they are to many.


Content in a Cottage said...

That story gives me goose bumps. Those ladies are wonderful.
xo, Rosemary