Thursday, September 20, 2012

Colonial Christmas

I bought a fabulous book at a house sale over the weekend that was originally $60.00 and I got it for $7.00. I'm sure it's out of print -- American Home From Colonial Simplicity to the Modern Adventure by Wendell Garrett, David Larkin and Michael Webb. It's a big fat volume and I love leafing through it. I took this lovely photo with my iPhone. There will be more from time to time. I'm rushing around this morning because I have a helper coming and we are going to work outside all day long. See you later. 


Anonymous said...

A helper is a good thing. If your morning is anything like ours, crisp and sunny, you are certain to accomplish great things. But, please don't overdo.
I am off to hear a friend deliver a quilt talk using her own lovely quilts as examples. Then I shall clean (alone).

humbird said...

Don't you love it when a bargain buy falls into your hands?

Lovely image. Your iPhone takes quality images. Wouldn't know it was from a book.

Hope you both have a great and productive day :)

teaorwine said...

just the Della Robbia style wreath on the lantern. I can smell the aroma!


tammy j said...

our library has 2 annual sales a year and you can find quality books like your beauty above for almost pennies! i love it!
i know you enjoy yard work.
will webster be helping? looking for snakes?
tammy j

Marie said...

This picture is of Van Cortlandt Manor in Croton on Hudson, NY. As a teenager I worked there giving tours. The directions were always wonderful and it was a dream job for a teenager getting to dress up in colonial garb. It is well worth a visit.