Monday, July 2, 2012

Throw Open The Windows

I have been so happy since I was able to open the windows in my cottage last night and today. I really dislike being sealed in an air conditioning unless it's absolutely necessary. I know so many people who never open their windows. They just go from heat to air conditioning with nothing else in between. Not me....I'm the original fresh air person who loves hearing the sounds of the outside world. How about you? 
[my iPhone photo from a charity house tour]


Sue said...

Rosemary, I so agree. I'm going on 50 and I've NEVER had AC. I've lived in IL--where it was mid 90's and humid from May thru September. Here in Michigan, it gets HOT, but no humidity.
It's 93 out now so I still have my windows closed--it's only 76 in the house. But around midnight, I'll open them to cool the house down for tomorrow again. It's one of the many benefits of a stone house--cool in the summer, warm in the winter.

tammy j said...

i only turn the a/c on when it's triple digits as we've had lately.
even then, the nights are cool enough to have the windows open in my bedroom and then the rest of the house early in the mornings.
there are weeks on end in the fall and spring that i never have on the heat or the air.
i simply have to have fresh air and light.
i do not see how some people live hermetically sealed in their houses! i think it's unhealthy!
i love the tudor style windows. wish i could find them for my cottage!
tammy j

Nancy said...

You lucky people obviously don't have allergies! :)

Bonnie said...

I love to sleep with the windows open. My allergies are so bad in the spring there are few days I am allowed. I am cold natured, so the AC on a night can be a bit chilly. But the other occupant here is warm is the usual battle here.

Garden, Home and Party said...

I agree, fresh air is the best. Your window is amazing, how old is your house?

S in SK said...

We don't have air conditioning and open the windows each night for fresh air and to cool our home down....however, the singing of the birds starting around 3:30 am each day is trying my patience!!! Beautiful singing...just not starting at 3:30 am!!

Anonymous said...

every morning at 3,30 the birdies start singing their beautiful songs in front of my window and it the most beautiful music of the summer.
it makes getting up too early sooo much easier to hear these lovely sounds.
this is one of the things i miss the most in winter!
have a wonderful day

Garden Chair said...

Hello Rosemary!
I'm in this group too. Normally I can stand the heat quite well and I prefer to have real fresh air by far.
Garden Chair

Henhurst Interiors said...

I am in the fresh air camp - and what a stunningly beautiful window that is.

Have a happy 4th!

laney said...

..oh my...a post with which i cannot least not here in atlanta where it is 106 degrees...i am just so thankful for air conditioning...but then to actually live where the air is fresh and cool...i would indeed open my windows...right now i am thinking october can not come soon enough...blessings

Naoki Deiter said...

Hi Rosemary! I agree that there's nothing quite as soothing as natural cooling, but some people really appreciate their home's air-conditioning, especially with the temperatures we've been having this week. It's just a matter of knowing when to turn it on, how high or how low, and for how long, to conserve energy. Every now and then, though, it really is good to open a window, and let the cool breeze in.