Saturday, July 7, 2012

How Do You Count Your Days?

I know it's psychological but when it's hot outside I find it difficult to get anything very productive done inside even though the central air is running. Is this normal? How do you cope with the heat? Even the dogs are lying around like dishrags. Today I shall try to make the day count!! I found the quote in the white box here and I expanded it myself using the Martha Stewart app that's only 'free' for one more day. 


Priscilla said...

Yes, I count the days until Autumn. I have always dreaded Summer and all the uncomfortable heat that accompanies it. Even as a small girl I always longed for Autumn and the start of another school year. As an adult and teacher I felt the same. For me Autumn was a new beginning. A fresh srart. I'm also a fan of Mondays for the same reason.
My move to the Northwest was with the expectation of cooler summers. I have not been disappointed. There are usually only a week or two of "over 80s". I can stay indoors on those days and since air-conditioning is almost non-existent here, I close up all the windows when the temperature reaches 70, and the rooms stay cool until evening when the outside temps begin to fall.
I have pity for those who are living in other parts of the country where the weather is so fierce.

ladyhawthorne said...

I'm with you. I can't seem to do anything when it is gloomy and raining either. No sun = no work done here. Let's just face it, I hate housework.

tammy j said...

i live in a hot dry climate.
my soul craves just the opposite.
how silly to stay here... but
i have a sweet little cottage...
my only family (one brother) is here. so here i stay.
i literally hibernate in the summer. go out or work only in the early mornings. it was still 90 degrees here last night at 10pm.
autumn and winter are my months to accomplish anything and truly enjoy outdoors.
it sounds silly... but with hypertension... this kind of heat is not only uncomfortable it's dangerous.
i love "even the dogs are lying around like dishrags!" lol!
love it!!!
cool cheers dear heart,
tammy j

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I have to echo what everyone else said. I am miserable in the summer time. I live in New York about 20 miles north of Manhattan. I think you and I are experiencing the same weather pattern. Thankfully, we have central air and a pool in the backyard. It's miserable outside. I was just telling my friend this morning that I think I have the seasonal affect disorder (I believe that's what it's called) during the summer. I dislike the sun, the heat and the humidity. I long for the shorter days and the colder nights. It truly affects my mood. :(

~ Wendy

Kristin_Texas said...

The heat is the norm where I live. (The humidity stays year round and we have no seasons). The humidity often hits you the moment you open the door and haven't even stepped a toenail outside. Around here we deal with the torture by cursing the gods, wearing invisible battle armor, and putting up our hair in a practical ponytail. No way through it, but to do it.

Kind of like Geometry class back in high school. :p


Gail, in northern California said...

I know you're happier at the end of a "productive" day but when temperatures rise, we should listen to our bodies. Nothing good ever came of heatstroke. Besides, what's wrong with an afternoon of reading and a brief nap on a bed made up with cool sheets?

Garden, Home and Party said...

I needed this. I've promised myself that I would enjoy the summer days no matter what! Boy, in extreme heat that is easier said than done. :-)
We've not been hit with extreme heat but when we are I think of the Pacific Northwest, like one of your readers. One of my dear friends lives on Bainbridge Island and she says they rarely hit the mid-eighties.