Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Garden Art: Old Figural Lawn Sprinklers

The Monkey sprinkler brought $9,000 at a recent auction. All photos provided by John and Nancy Smith.

The Mermaid is a sprinkler with style and grace.

Bradley and Hubbard, one of the premier metal casting companies, produced this Mallard sprinkler.

Bradley and Hubbard produced this sitting frog sprinkler.

This Wood Duck sprinkler was produced by Nuydea.

This Frog on Globe sprinkler was also produced by Nuydea.
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All of the above photos ©John and Nancy Smith

Do you have any of these stashed away in the garage, garden/tool shed or at a relative's house? Why not look and see what you can find. I think they are wonderful. Are you a Garden Art Collector?


Garden, Home and Party said...

The mermaid sprinkler is very cute, but I like the frog sprinklers too. What a great collection.

Jody Dahlseid said...

I wish I did have one of these in my shed, it wouldn't stay there for long, these are great! My favorite is the woodduck.