Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Small Stone Cottage

I love the look of this small stone cottage. The size of the main house looks perfect for me. Anything that doesn't fit can go in the long addition in the back. One of the rooms back there will be a potting shed. Another will be a guest room. It's very charming, isn't it? Low maintenance too. Just wonderful!!!!! via


Kristin_Texas said...


It even has shade trees. I miss having trees like that, and I love the moss growing on the stone.


tammy j said...

i love everything about that cottage. can't you imagine a snowy night and a fire in the fireplace?
so cozy!
and the ivy on stone... so pretty and cool.

humbird said...

Yes, I agree - it's perfect in every way. My dream home.
I much prefer to live in a small/tiny house with character and soul than a large ostentatious place.

Garden, Home and Party said...

Love it! I'll take it, you can arrange this right? :-)

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

I do so love stone cottages. Quintessential cozy.

The Queen Vee said...

Very cosy and charming. It looks like something from a fairy tale, hopefully not the home of the wicked witch.