Thursday, June 7, 2012

Otter Water Bed

Another image to illustrate my love for otters. Floating and sleeping -- no problem. Carrying a passenger on your belly while doing the latter -- no problem. Looking adorable at all times -- no problem. via


Sue said...

Oh my, that is THE cutest photo of otters EVER> what a smile that put on my face!
Have a great day, Rosemary

Garden, Home and said...

What sweet images. I love otters as well.

tammy j said...

what is it about otters?
they are such happy contented little fellows. and so loving and protective of each other! i love that they hold hands to keep from drifting apart when they sleep.
thank you for this wonderful picture! thank you for your entire wonderful blog!!!
tammy j

Lottie said...

Oh wow! What lovely pictures! I would love to see some otters in the wild!

The Curious Deer x