Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jessie Wilcox Smith illustration

This looks like a good idea. Hope you had a good weekend. Goodnight. via


tammy j said...

that could be me in that bed!
my goodness. my beloved wee grandmother had a headboard exactly like it. and i slept in it wearing a little white night dress.
there was always, always a book before going to sleep under the soft quilts and crisp white sheets. the best sleeping ever!
wonderful memories!
and many of those books had illustrations by jessie wilcox smith... a favorite of mine always.
goodnight rosemary.
hug webster for me.
tammy j

auntp said...

I always love your blog posts - so much fun to read and a feast for the eyes!

cherryblogger71_is said...

I have just now finished reading every single one of your posts and I can honestly say I have enjoyed each and everyone of them thoroughly.