Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Bedroom of Choice for Tonight

It would be a nice place to bed down for tonight I think. I like the blue in the duvet cover but not the blue on the walls. The outside setting looks fabulous so I shan't complain. via


Bonnie said...

Sleep well and have pleasant dreams. Bonnie

Garden, Home and Party said...

I love this room...one question. Do you think the wall color (kind of aqua) is the photo color being slightly off...not that it has to be match-matchy but it does seem off from the blue in the comforter. Still it's very pretty and I love the little chandelier in the wood white ceiling.
Pleasant dreams.

tammy j said...

you're right. the two blues do seem to fight a bit. but it does look nice and cozy.
however... yesterday it was 94 degrees in the shade here.
so the duvet ... ugh!!

JudyMac said...

Great minds always think alike! The wall colors are just not the appropriate blue. My choice would be a blue more toward the blue in the duvet, but not too dark.