Monday, May 28, 2012

Delightful Garden Shed

I love this tiny garden outbuilding made from salvaged materials, don't you? The arched gothic windows are fabulous. Happy Memorial Day. via


Bonnie said...

Oh my, I might have the perfect spot for that precious little building. Happy Memorial Day to you as well. Bonnie

helen tilston said...

What a perfect little studio and place to escape to. Thanks for sharing

Helen xx

c. Joy said...

I want one. So cute.

tammy j said...

i love it!
and i have all brown thumbs.
but i could sit outside it and have lovely tea. yes.
happy memory day to you too rosemary. and thank you so much for this little blog.
i start my mornings with it and check back through the day.
never disappointed.
and uh, oh yes. i do have a life!lol. but glad you're part of it.

marilyn said...

I found your site by a simple search for something else, what a lucky find! How beautiful it is! love the garden outbuilding. would love to have some of your rain in Texas this weekend! Happy Memorial Day!

Garden, Home and Party said...

Oh how I'd love a little shed like this one. You find the best little cottage spaces, thank you.