Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Cat with The Heart-Shaped Whisker

It's a very sweet image, isn't it? I makes me sleepy just looking at it and it's way too early for me to be thinking about going to bed. We had a very lovely day today with sun and the first blue sky I've seen in ages and very comfortable temperatures. I was so happy to turn off the A/C before retiring last night. See you tomorrow. G'night. via


Linda Doty said...

Hi I enjoyed your blog. We have much in common. I love all things country and cottage. I too collect all all children's book illustrations. I just acquired the first edition of The Art of Betrix Potter. It is so interesting. I live in the country across from a lake in the Ramapo Mountains of NJ. I love so many of the old illustrators. Tashsa Tutor, Eloise Wilken, Randolph Caldecott I just discovered. Have a Happy Summer xxxo Linda Doty P.S. I am the author/illustrator of children's books. Visit my website at

humbird said...

Aww. Nature is kinky :)

tyziana said...

Nooooo, but how wonderful! **
Too cute heart-shaped mustache! Delicious!
Thank you so beautiful!
Hugs! ♥

jean@pilgrimscottage said...

Love the whisker heart! I'm glad you finally got some sunshine and just right temperature.