Thursday, May 10, 2012

At My Cottage Yesterday After Dinner

I love the little faces on these tiny violas that are a johnny jump up variety. They are in a big pot at my front door. Who doesn't love a pansy face?

Webster the wonder dog was in deep thought about something. Mother and I were headed for the chairs that look like two tiny dots in the way back.


tammy j said...

oh webster! little zen puppy!
i love the pansies too.
my beloved gram used to call them
"kitty faces."

pilgrimscottage said...

The pansies look wonderful! It looks like they are wearing big purple bows at the top of their "heads". It would be interesting to know what a dog is thinking when he looks thoughtful. You have a nice deep yard to go that distance to the chairs. It sure looks pretty with all the green.

humbird said...

I do love the little johnny jump up - also known as Heartsease, the original wild form of today's pansy.
It has a long history in folk medicine. And like so many herbs, it is sweet and unassuming yet has powerful properties.

Great shot of Webster contemplating the forest edge. I'd love to know what dogs are thinking when we catch them at such moments.
Great photo effect too. would look effective with black & white conversion, like an old photo :)

Kathleen said...

Wow you have a large yard to take care of!! I'm sure Webster is very happy he lives at your cottage and not mine. I feel overwhelmed just looking at allllll that grass to mow.

Garden, Home and said...

I do love violas and pansies. Yours look so happy. Webster looks like he's making sure the grounds are safe for his master.

The Queen Vee said...

That's a nice long walk for your mum to those chairs and back. Clever of you to come up with an exercise program with a comfortable rest stop at the halfway point. Does Webster stroll with you or run circles around the two of you?