Monday, April 2, 2012


Is this the ugly ducking of the owl world? I'm sure he looks a lot better when his feathers are dry. Is this a newborn? Not sure but I loved the photo and hope you do too. via Pixdaus


Bonnie said...

Oh my! I do love owls.

Beth said...

That is how I feel every morning!

Karen said...

This little guys expression just cracks me up!

penelopebianchi said...

WE have barn owls (heart shaped faces); and Great Horned Owls.......what a thrill it is when they glide over our property! (I am hoping the quail are safely under cover; the ducklings......same thing!) I am hoping those wonderful hunters will get the rats, the ground squirrels.....and the gophers!

I try to talk to them and encourage them to spare the quail and the bunnies!

OUr chickens in safe in the coop when the owls come out!


Content in a Cottage said...

Penelope...I hope your menagerie of wonderful fish and fowl are safe from the owls. They are welcome to all the rodents they wish to snare. I love these magnificent birds that are too shy to show their faces here at the cottage but I hear them at night so I know they are around.
xo, Rosemary