Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Webster Romping under Cloudy Skies

Webster had a fine time on our mid-afternoon walk today. Who needs a visiting puppy to have fun? I hula hooped and he ran in circles in the cool April air under stormy skies. We are back to normal again. 


Karen said...

I love house guests, dogs included...but there is nothing like a return to routine. Webster looks like he's having so much you are too.

nance said...

i like his romping floppy ears...

penelopebianchi said...

Webster is so adorable!
Hula hoop is dear to my heart! I was 11 or so when they were invented!

I was a complete hula hoop addict. And I had a small waist for many years........Now, at 65; perhaps I should start again! Where did you find one??

Love your blog...and I adore Webster! and all your observations...about everything!


tammy j said...

well i just love this post!
everything about it makes me happy.
i think your blog is a special kind of medicine.
it just always makes me feel good!
tammy j