Friday, April 20, 2012

Waiting for The Wind

My dandelions are in full puff mode. The dark clouds have just rolled in but the sun is peeking through. We should be getting that much-needed rain over the weekend. Have a great one!


tammy j said...

i imagine i'm all alone in this among lawn lovers...
but i've always found every stage of dandelions lives so beautiful.
they are cheerful and hardy. like the best in people!
i'm praying for your rain!
tammy j

Sabina said... sweet -- i wonder how many wishes have been made on dandelions. happy friday, rosemary!! xx's

Karen said...

I hope you get your rain...I love the way it cleans everything off and gives the plants a much needed drink. I haven't blown a dandelion puff in so long...I need to pick one and try a wish.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Teresa said...

Those dandelion are suitable for framing! So lovely!