Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Patio with Vine Covered Fireplace

As I inch myself towards daring to even think about moving outside again this year I'm stopped dead in my tracks by this photo. You would never want to go inside if you had such a beautiful patio, would you? I love the table and hanging lantern too. It's a wonderful outdoor room! Found here scroll up when the page loads.


Coastal Cottage Dreams said...

Oh my gosh I know exactly where this is...West Chester, PA where I was born and raised. In fact, my brother owns a restaurant 5 minutes from this home in Marshallton. Have you ever heard of the Marshallton Inn? I agree this patio is stunning!

Under the Willow said...

Love this post because I can related to "two" particular things. First the vines- I just posted a blog about our Wisteria- and the Pergola we are going to design and build. Second, The sign makes me laugh- which I really had a good laugh when I went to Lowes customer service and the person helping said, "What kind of dog do you have?" I looked down and my wool blend coat was--well-- covered with some dog hair. We laughed, but I tossed the coat out when I got home, and went and purchased a coat that white lab hair wouldn't stick too :) Come visit my blog!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Stunning, Rosemary.

Love that lantern, and the table, and the .... etc etc etc!


Karen said...

What a beautiful outdoor space. I love the lantern and the way it's hung. I enjoyed the blog site this image was linked to. There were some really wonderful rooms to admire.