Monday, April 16, 2012

Maggie Smith Rumors at Downton Abbey

Say it isn't so. There are whisperings that Maggie Smith has not renewed her contract beyond Season 3's Christmas Special. Hopefully she will reconsider and stay on once she realizes that the series cannot possibly go on without her. via

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Bonnie said...

Oh please say it isn't so. No one could possibly replace her. Bonnie

Kay G. said...

I know, I love Maggie Smith too. It does look as if she won't be in it. One hates that, doesn't one?

humbird said...

I do love her so! She is my favourite character on the show. Her strong 'presence' lights up every scene she is in.
I always have a good chuckle at her remarks - even when I've watched the reruns :)

laney said... just refuse to even think of such a thing...

tammy j said...

oh... all of the above.
i love maggie smith. they would have to have "granny" die. no one could ever replace her. i was looking forward to her sparring with the american "grand mum ma" shirley maclaine!

tammy j said...

after reading this i scurried to the los angeles times and they reported that the rumours are not true.. at least for now!
says there will be a birth and a death in the new season. one of the main characters will die i guess, but not dame maggie!
ps... rosemary, your posts are as divine as "granny" herself!
look at the adrenalin rush!
tammy j

Anonymous said...

She's my favorite!!! She gives the show that needed humor when things get a bit dramatic.


Linda Keaveney said...

I love her tongue-in-cheek humor..
and her stiff upper lip!

Linda :o)

Karen said...

I say we get a campaign going to get Maggie a Golden Globe for DA and maybe she'll reconsider. Worse case we have her one more season.

Anonymous said...

It seems that Maggie Smith gets all of the great lines but I think it is she who makes them so. She must come back. Otherwise, Downton will crumble.

Stacey Snacks said...

I agree w/ Linda. I LOVE Ms. Smith, she is my favorite on the show!
Say it isn't so!