Saturday, April 7, 2012

Henry and Webster

Webster has another babysitting job this weekend. I'm so proud of how well he gets along with other dogs. He's so gentle and is an absolute prince in every way. Henry, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel adores him. He has been here since Thursday. He came with a picky appetite but that has changed since coming to the cottage. Now he eats with gusto just like Webster does. No between meal snacks and some people food mixed with his kibble was all it took. That's the toe of my sock foot in the foreground. The colored thing leaning up against the sofa in the background is my weighted hula hoop. We just got back from a walk to the way back and I took my hoop down there to get some exercise and I was able to do 191 continuous revolutions before I hit a snag. That is the most so far. I usually pick up and continue until I do 300 at each session several times a day. I had to take one week off when I hurt my back shoveling gravel. I started up again this past Monday.
Have a wonderful Easter. Mother and I are going to brunch at a the home of friends tomorrow. 


Anonymous said...

Please give Webster an Easter hug for me and tell him he is still my favorite dog on the whole www[but let's not tell his friends Piggy and Henry].
Have a wonderful brunch.

The Queen Vee said...

What a beautiful dog, Cavalier King Charles spaniels always look like sweethearts, we know for sure that Webster is a sweetheart. So nice to have a friend come visit and change the pace of ones life.

I read an article a couple of weeks ago about a woman who lost over a 140 pounds from hula hooping and eating healthy. Are you going to be a disappearing act too?

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Be sure and bring back some of that "people" food for the poochies. So sweet!

Under the Willow said...

Seriously this is so very sweet. Webster has a buddy! My parents have a King Charles- I mean child (in every way!). Darling!

scarlettm said...

Happy Easter to you too. Love hearing about your hula hoop!

Millie said...

Gosh Rosemary the way you are going with your hula hoop exercise, you will soon be showing off your 15 inch waist!! Lovely to see my favourite Wonder Dog with his new chum. Lulu is hopeless with other dogs, all over them.... annoying the heck out of them & trying to be their new BFF in the first minute.
Millie xx

tammy j said...

wonder if i hula with a pretend hoop if it would work the same?
300 times!!! oh my.
impressed beyond words.
and webster is such a sweet boy to share his home and your heart. he is a true gentleman.
have a wonderful time with your mother and your friends!
love and a very happy easter to you,
tammy j

Stacey Snacks said...

You know how much I love King Charles Spaniels! and a Henry to boot!
Happy Easter Ro!

Karen said...

I love that image. Our good friends have a Cavelier spaniel, he is a sweetie. I think Webster is a prince among dogs and the best kind of friend a fellow-doggie could have. How fun to get to baby sit various doggies...nice for Webster too.
P.S. I love the rug I see in the picture.
P.S.S. Wow! 300 repetitions with the weighted hula hoop. I may need to get one.