Sunday, April 15, 2012

Cottage Flowers

Have a beautiful Spring Sunday. I love these pink flowers in front of this stunning English home, don't you? via


Regina said...

Yes I love it. I have always been drawn to the English garden look. So pretty. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Kim Carney said...

I love them. Japanese Anemones ... my husband says they look like weeds but I totally disagree

And their amazing green centers ;)

Have a wonderful peaceful Sunday!

Anonymous said...

What are those pretty pink flowers. I would love to grew some. Perhaps, they can be found on the pages of my White Flower Farm catalog.

tammy j said...

i do love all things english.
actually, i always thought you were an english lady who had come to america. there are things very english about you!
about me too i hope. i feel a true connection anyway.
not the least of which is their love of cottage life...
gardens... afternoon tea... their love of dogs... rain... coziness...
and downton abbey of course!
hope your weekend is continuing to be delightful,
tammy j

DueAlberi said...

Fantastic colors!