Sunday, April 8, 2012

Baby Blue Bird

I had a great Easter and hope you did too. I love this photo of a baby blue bird -- found here. I can't wait to jump in bed and watch Mad Men. See you tomorrow.


penelopebianchi said...

Oh I love that baby bluebird! They are so delightful!
When we first built our house; we had bluebirds in a nest box; they would eat mealworms from my hand!

They would have two sets of babies; and the first set would help feed the second set! Amazing!

Alas, now that we have all this shrubbery; we have lots of other birds.......(hundreds of species); no more bluebirds! They like lawns.....and fields. We have no lawn!

mytwocentsworth said...

Nice to hear I'm not the only one who likes to watch TV in the comfort of their own cozy bed. Some folks don't care for a TV in the bedroom but I can't imagine that.

I haven't lately seen the bluebirds who appeared at my feeder during the winter. They must be busy raising a new family.

Bonnie said...

So precious! Enjoy your evening. Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder that Man Men is on Sunday evening. Alas, I read this too late. Got caught up in Great Expectations. So, the evening wasn't a loss. But, from here on out, I have programmed recording Mad Men.
Good sleep to you and Webster and any four legged-house guest bedded down at the cottage for the night.

Kleurrijk said...

How beautiful and sweet.
Happy 2-nd easter day. Greetings from Geri

Karen said...

What a wonderful photo. I love propping myself up and watching TV in bed.