Saturday, March 24, 2012

Taxes are Boring

We've been at this for 3 days straight.

When we could be outside doing fun stuff.

Wake me when the taxes are finished.

Guess what?!! I'm We are finished. Webster will be so happy tomorrow. He's sick of all the filing, calculating, shuffling through papers, pencil sharpening, highlighting, and especially the shredding. The only fun part for him will be the ride in the car to the post office on Monday. Whew. I'm glad that's over for another year.


Karen said...

My husband finished ours not that long ago and I recall him saying how relieved he was to be finished. Death and taxes...bummer.

Under the Willow said...

Webster has such a sweet soul- you can tell this by just looking at his pictures. Hey-taxes done! Wonderful feeling.

Sigh- Love red barns...

Bonnie said...

Bless him....lucky you! Bonnie

tammy j said...

oh a car ride! and not to the vet!
webster is a true friend. right there with you til the finish.
the picture of him looking longingly out the window? darling.
cheers that it's over!
tammy j

mytwocentsworth said...

Three days? Wow! A great reason for reforming our current Tax Codes. Now Webster can go out to play!

The Queen Vee said...

I confess, we now pay someone else to do our taxes for us. All I do is sign my name after reviewing them.

I looked like Webster yesterday; my hubby said it was a lost day. After so much sunshine our foggy rainy Saturday just put me into a stupor.

Gail, in northern California said...

I extend high praise to you for tackling them yourself. I swear I get a humming in my ears when I try to read the instruction manuals for both Federal and State taxes. Still, I try to complete the forms myself. Then I chicken out and pay someone else to confirm my figures!