Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sleeping with A Loon

I had a real estate closing this week and found this used dog toy in the house, left behind by the previous dog. Score for Webster. He carries this loon around with him and sleeps with the squeaky toy too. It's only a little worse for wear with a damaged beak but Webster doesn't seem to mind at all. Have a great weekend.


Julie G. said...

Sweet! One of our dogs gravitates only towards large brown stuffed animals (a buffalo and a moose) or green headed bird toys (mallard and pheasant). Webster looks like one content pup with his loon.

tammy j said...

and i thought the image of webster going out into the fog and hurrying back to sleeping-in cozily after a cornbread treat was sweet!
this picture is adorable. the smell of the previous owner on it must be comforting somehow!
tammy j

Juniper said...

Oh *squeeee* ! He is adorable :)

helen tilston said...

I am happy for Webster. I had to chuckle when I checked the loon's beak! Too funny.

My dog, Spice Girl, removes the studding from all her towns - yet continues to play and like when they are mere rags

Have a great weekend


Jana said...

Everyone needs a good friend and companion!

@coolgreenpines said...

"Sleeping with a Loon." "...score for Webster." LOL! Very funny post! ;D

The Queen Vee said...

Webster you are such a softy.