Monday, March 12, 2012

Inside a Seaside Cottage

A country sitting room of a seaside cottage with timber roof, beams and iron girders, built in shelving, sofa, upholstered armchairs, wicker baskets, sisal rugs and more.

Are you in love yet? I certainly am!!! Click HERE for a complete house tour with many, many fabulous photos. I am ready to be teleported there now, aren't you? I have always loved a beautiful thatched roof.


tammy j said...

oh dear heaven.
that's me.
i'm there.
i love the lightness.
and the dark and lighter woods used. it's just clean,simple perfect.
and if the sea were really just outside... well.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. It looks so different on the inside than I imagined. Someone did some serious renovations on this cottage. I can't even imagine living on a place as lovely as that.


Nature in the Burbs said...

It looks so relaxing.

helene said...

Lovely! So light and airy!

Karen said...

Hi Rosemary,
What a pretty room...the ceiling, with it's open beams makes the space. I'm headed over to check out the entire tour. Cottages are a weakness of mine.

The Queen Vee said...

The inside is such a surprise from the outside, not at all what I expected. Both are beautiful! I found the metal pole/roof support, in what I guess is the master bedroom, very interesting. I think I would run into it a lot although I guess you would get use to it if you actually lived in the room.