Monday, March 26, 2012

Cold Again

Webster and I just got back from our last walk and I had to run back and grab my ski hat and mittens to go with my down jacket and scarf. The wind is howling and it's very cold. All the fruit growers are worried about the blossoms on their trees. It's supposed to get down into the 20s and it feels like winter again. This is a porcelain cold water faucet handle from my box of vintage hardware. How's the weather at your house?


Nancy said...

My weather in PA is just like yours. I'm worried for the farmers and their orchards.

Gail, in northern California said...

Freezing cold here. Last weekend we got a little snow too. This is northern California!

Anonymous said...

Rosemary, it is cold here, too, and a sharp contrast from the temperature just a few days ago here in VA and in SC where I spent a few lovely days last week . . . I hope all the fruit trees can stand up to this cruel trick of nature.

Kleurrijk said...

Oh, what a pity. And you were happy with the first signs of spring. I hope the cold will be gone soon.

In Holland we have such beautiful weather. (I don't want to make you jealous). For a week it is such a nice weather. Sun, the first flowers. For us I hope it will stay and for you I hope it will return quick!!!!
Greetings from Geri

The Queen Vee said...

Hate to say it Kelurrijk but chances are good that the weather in Holland will do just want the weather is doing here.

As Linda mentioned, the weather in in old Virginny has turned colder, back to what it really should be for this time of year. This morning I turned the furnace back on as it was 62 degrees in our house, a drop of 30 degrees in one week.

it just got too warm too quickly this month; I think Mother Nature has been a bit bored with our hum drum winter and so decided to play some tricks with us this spring. I also hope that the flowering fruit trees can survive her wrath.

Regina said...

Well down here in Georgia it is sunny and warm, I think it is going to be 78 or 80 here today. We have pollen really bad with all the trees blooming. No complaints though, Have a great day.

tammy j said...

we're having summer here in the middle. last summer was months on end of over 100. if it's starting this early to be in the 80's ...
one wonders what kind of summer is waiting again. not another drought!
but... i'm trying to be more like the darling websters of the world... enjoying the day whatever the weather! give him a special hug from me!
tammy j

penelopebianchi said...

Some people here in Santa Barbara complain about the weather. Not me.
I am so grateful..
It varies....65 to 75 high; 45 to 50 low.

No complaints from here!

We do have some deciduous trees.....and I have Boston Ivy on my house which changes color all year!

Dying for a fox!