Friday, February 17, 2012

Tight Quarters

This is a really ceative small bedroom -- or is it a closet? I love seeing how people make the best out of a small tiny house, don't you? via


pilgrimscottage said...

Cozy looking. I think they were smart to keep it all in white.

Sue said...

That reminds me so much of my childhood. Love that space, and sure wish I had someplace tiny like that to take a nap in!

c. Joy said...

Love this room. It whispers to me - a place for grandchildren and extra guests. Guests pop in all the time - I'm waiting patiently for the grand children.

Karen said...

You are right, it's always much more fun for me to see how people make small living spaces work. I am always striving to pare down and enjoy life in a small house. This image is charming.
Happy Sunday.