Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Groundhog Has Spoken

6 more weeks of winter
Groundhog hibernation gave rise to the popular American custom of Groundhog Day, held on the second of February every year. Tradition dictates that if a groundhog sees its shadow that day, there will be six more weeks of winter, though such a prediction seems a sure bet over much of the groundhog's North American range.
National Geographic photo


The Queen Vee said...

You mean we're finally going to have winter? I know a bunch of kids who would be so happy to see some snow on the ground and I wouldn't mind some really cold temps killing the allergens that have plagued me so far this faux winter.

Tricia said...

Six more weeks for us! Of course we are still waiting for the first six weeks.

Yesterday I decided not to buy a winter jacket even though it was on sale because I am not wearing the winter jacket that I have. I did satisfy my shopping urge, however, by buying a light weight jacket.

I have never seen a winter as warm as this one. Yesterday it was in the sixties again here.

Bonnie said...

I'm pretty sure I owe Phil all of my Valentine treats for his prediction. Bonnie