Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bathing Nook

This is so beautiful. I love the paneled tub surround in this perfect tub nook and the round window too. I have always preferred a soaking tub to one with jets. Have a great weekend with a long soak ans a good book if possible. via Birch and Lily.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I don't see the attraction to jets either. For me it makes a relaxing bath stressful. They make too much noise.


SAS said...

I, too, prefer an old cast iron tub. They just seem to keep the water hot longer. Love the all white.

Karen said...


What a beautiful and inviting bathroom. A good, long soak in a tub would be ideal.

helen tilston said...

This is a beautiful bathroom and I agree with you the soaking tub is my preference too. The noise from the jets is too loud

Thanks for sharing