Saturday, January 7, 2012

Under the Ice

There was a brief period of cold weather earlier and the birdbath was a solid block of ice. I edited my iPhone photo with Snapseed.


tammy j said...

i am so glad i've discovered you!
i have been browsing your blog in the archive posts and i'm in love.
first with webster the wonder puppy. he is the best. i send him hugs and a nose kiss. there is just something about seeing him all snug in a blanket! wonderful!
and then... your taste in everything rosemary, and your lovely viewpoint on life itself.
i will be a longtime follower!
tammy j

Susie said...

Rosemary, I loved the sunrise photo. You are right about how fast it can change:) Our bird bath finally thawed out last week, with these warm temps. I wish i had one of those little warmers, but do not where to get one. Webster sure looks toasty in his bed. I know he's your best pal for taking walks. Enjoy this lovely weather. xoxo, Susie(She Junks)

lynne said...

Every one of your posts is a favorite for me, Rosemary! Now this birdbath looks like a piece of modern art - and is SO my style. I'd love to have it hanging in my home, as a matter of fact (or, decoupaged on a table top!).

Very nice.

Karen said...

Great photo, does your birdbath ever crack due to freezing?