Monday, January 2, 2012

Saint-Leon-sur-Vézère - Medieval French Architecture

The peaceful village of Saint-Leon-sur-Vézère is located in the part of the Dordogne known as the Périgord Blanc. Dordogne is itself a department of the region of southwest France known as Aquitaine. Handsome medieval houses like this one dot the landscape. ©erjkprunczyk


Tracy said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

I'd love to wander around this photo. :)

Tina said...

Beautiful, romantic, fantastic.


Yvette said...

Like the scene you showed in Bruges, this house and this place is definitely Fairy Tale Worthy. :)

This almost makes me want to swoon.

Renee said...

Oh would I love to spend some time taking long, leisurely walks here. Magical place! (Followed this from Pinterest)