Friday, January 13, 2012

Patiently Waiting for Pizza

  I popped a couple of Totino's frozen Party Pizzas in the oven for lunch. My mom and I love them. We always get triple cheese and add some toppings. Today I added feta cheese, green olives and the pimentos from the salad olives. The oven was preheated to 450 and I cooked them directly on the second from the bottom oven rack for 13 minutes. I used the wooden rack puller/pusher twice.
  This was a perfect cold weather Friday lunch without leaving the house. Webster enjoyed a crusty bite from each of us. 


Donna said...

Look at those eyes!
The pizza looks yummy. I like to add extras too.

Anonymous said...

Okay, those pork chops I was planning to fix for dinner tonight immediately lost their appeal upon seeing your mouth-watering lunch. Webster, I know you enjoyed every bite of pizza.

Jenny Jones said...

Oh those eyes! You should get in touch with Totino's to use this for an ad!!!

Priceless, adorable!

RC Reese said... cute! I can see why though..I'd like to join him on that pizza! YUM!