Monday, January 2, 2012

In The Woods Last Fall

I am trying to post some earlier iPhone photo so I can delete them from my camera roll. I took this in October before we had that heavy snow that ended up breaking so many branches in the woods. We are having lovely weather in the low 40s today and I'm looking forward to a walk or two with the Wonder Dog a little later when the wind dies down. Enjoy your last vacation day before reality sets in again.


Nancy said...

Sad to say that this is not a vacation day for many.

mytwocentsworth said...

Your iPhone camera seems to be a real handy-dandy instrument and makes wonderful pics. Would one ever want to consider using it as the camera du jour when traveling or is a good digital still a necessity, particularly when out of the country? Just curious. You'll have to excuse my being somewhat challenged when it comes to the details on iPhones.

pilgrimscottage said...

Your woods is beautiful! Pretty colors and wonderful trees just makes it so utterly nice.