Thursday, December 29, 2011

Storm Damaged Old Tree

This grand old tree came down a few days ago for no apparent reason. There was no snow or wind...just some hard rain in the night. I was so sad when I drove around the corner on my way to the post office and saw the whole upper half of this beauty on the ground. It took a smaller evergreen down with it. I guess it was damaged when we had that freak snow while all the leaves were still on the trees in the fall. This area is still recovering from that storm and the tree people aren't able to keep up with all the work it created for them. The local Shade Tree Advisory Committee is starting to rethink their stringent rules for homeowners after so many were without power for over a week in October. I took this iPhone photo yesterday when the sun was going down late in the afternoon. (click photo to enlarge)


YONKS said...

Oh dear! I hate to see a grand old boy felled like that, so sad :-(

Marie Soderberg said...

oh thats sad, I love old trees..
Your page is beautiful..

@coolgreenpines said...

That is a beautful and oh so sad image, Rosemary.

We had a rare windstorm here in So Calif and locally it wreaked huge damage, especially for our beloved trees. The number ran around two thousand if you can believe it. The Huntington Library lost over 100 trees I believe and the famous Arboretum in Arcadia lost over 200 trees. You know so many of these were very old and grand. It has been heartbreaking to walk around and see huge, old trees looking just like the picture you took. We tree lovers have been inconsolable. It's almost been a month since the storm and there are many neighborhoods with trees and debris that are still on the roads and sidewalks. It's simply been too much work for the cities to deal with.