Friday, December 9, 2011

The Queen Mum at Birkhall - Scotland

Times spent at Birkhall were relaxed and informal. In her late years the Queen Mum (1900-2002) enjoyed sitting with her corgis and admiring the views of her magnificent sunken garden. She was 99 in this photo. 

Birkhall is an early Georgian house that was the favorite holiday home of the Queen Mother, where she and her husband (pictured below) would bring the young princesses Elizabeth and Margaret.

Vanity Fair Men of the Day caricature prints circa 1890 line the staircase wall. They are often called Spy Prints.

The hallway barometer was checked every morning by house guests in anticipation of fishing and other outdoor pursuits and the daily picnic. Lunch, their hostess would explain, is not a meal to be eaten indoors.
The walls are papered in Royal Stewart tartan and carpeted in a Hunting Stewart plaid. This is where the Queen Mum hung her pale blue gardening coats. Dog bowls and dishes and towels were always handy for the beloved corgis.

I found an old (1999) Country Homes & Interiors booklet I picked up on my last visit to England of the 20th century. It was devoted to 7 Royal Homes and Gardens. I'll share more with you from time to time. I used my iPhone to reproduce the photos from the booklet.  


Kay G. said...

Love these photos, fancy you taking them on your I-Phone!
Well done, you! Thank you for sharing them, photos and descriptions with them.

Karen said...

How delightful! Look forward to seeing the rest:) Thanks for sharing . . . your blog is one of my very favorites!

Karen said...


What a fun post. I love all things English and Royal and you seem to find the best information to pass along. I loved Queen Mum's mud room and her pale blue plaid outfit.


The Queen Vee said...

Wouldn't it be fun to be a house guest at Birkhall , plaid clothing and wellies would be a must to pack. Maybe Birkhall would supply the wellies. I think the Queen Mum would have been a delightful person to spend a weekend with....oh dear, ending that sentence with a preposition is bad form.

Carly Dyani said...

Divine blog - wonderful stories and delightful imagery. Subbed and loved. Let's hope that Philip gets better.....he is in his 90's and looks great! Long live the Queen and Philip....