Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolution Generator

You can't believe how many times I forget to do this. Go to the New Years Resolution Generator and see what hits home for you.


Shirley said...

Oh, me too!! But I get them as far as the grocery store parking lot then forget to bring them in from my trunk!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I empty my bag when I get home from the store I take it right back to my car and toss it in the front seat....that's when the weather's nice. If its nasty outside I loop it on the door knob so I can't miss it the next time I head to the car. That routine really helps me remember! Now if I just remember to bring my list that's sitting on the kitchen counter I'll be all set.

Happy New Year!!!


QZB said...

Resolution generator is cute, but I really wanted to say Happy New Year, Rosemary. I've loved getting to know you and Webster, and your mom and Piggy, through your beautiful blog. Hope 2012 is wonderful for you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, let's be sure to do this.
Happy New year, dear Rosemary.
It's time for bed. I can't believe I stayed awake to see in the new year.

AshTreeCottage said...

Sorry to say, but you are not alone. I too forget, but thanks for reminding me to do this more often in 2012. Happy New Year dear friend!

Susan and Bentley

The Queen Vee said...

I always forget to take those bags in with me when I'm shopping. I need to do what Kathy does....put them in the front seat of my car.

I do recycle shopping bags though, I use them as our garbage can liners instead of buying them new or I recycle them at the grocery store. Does that count?

Millie said...

Our State banned all disposable shopping bags 2 years ago, but MOTH says it's a bit of a tiggie-touch law, considering the huge amount of silly unwarranted wrapping our food products have. I started using reusable shopping bags years ago before it was mandated but make sure they are the most interesting & stylish I can find! Love the quirky BlueQ range.
Millie x