Thursday, December 8, 2011

Door Decor

Have you decorated your door yet? I have not. I was so happy that my energy level stayed high today after my illness. I missed being productive. This arrangement of holiday greenery is lovely. via


penelopebianchi said...

I love your blog!

I love the pictures of snow.....however; I grew up in Southern California; and I like pictures of snow! (I did go to boarding school in Massachusetts) (cruel and unusual punishment!)
You sure make the winter sound better than I experienced! Bravo!
I am content in my little cottage here in Santa Barbara....


Karen said...

Hi Rosemary,

I've dressed the front door this year in a faux berry wreath saving the live wreathes for the French doors in our dining room...I love the fragrance!
Glad you are back to your old, energetic self!

Stacey Snacks said...

We haven't done a thing.
When we get back, we will string up the lights!

Anonymous said...

I have a simple bundle of greens hanging on my front door. I don't use bows. I find them so distracting. I have two smallish urns on either side of the door filled with rosemary and winter berry branches. I can't believe my rosemary still looks really nice. I'd love to see your door! I'm sure it will be charming.


The Queen Vee said...

You can NEVER go wrong with fresh pine greenery.