Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Do you cook for your dogs?

Today's breakfast was kibble topped with hot sweet potatoes and leafy left-over brussels sprouts from last night's dinner.

Webster whined while I took the picture of their bowls with my iPhone. Piggy just danced around silently. He has the fastest tongue in the east. This meal got 5 stars *****


QZB said...

Love the pic of Piggy! My dogs are crazy for sweet potato, so this would make their top ten, for sure. They also beg for the root ends of the romaine.

I'm not sure what people without dogs do with their fruit/veg scraps; I just throw ours on the floor and let the cleaning crew take care of it!

That's one thing I love about your blog, Rosemary, it's so real and down to earth. It made me so happy to see that other people let their dogs lick the oatmeal pan, too. :)

LANA said...

My dogs often get "garnishes" on their food. For Christmas, they even had some chopped leftover prime rib! (that's a treat even for us humans). Boy, were they happy! Webster and Piggy are so adorable, they remind me so much of my two.

Stacey Snacks said...

Just put a fried egg on top and it looks like my breakfast!

Juniper said...

looks like an amazing and healthy breakfast! :)

Vickie H. said...

That is so good for them!!! What a fabulous "doggy mamma" you are!!!