Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seeking Calm

I do this too. Do you? Calmly seeking order.


Anonymous said...

Rosemary, this is timely. I am on day three of my closet, bookshelf, cupboard, drawer, pantry, linen closet clean up. And, truly, I do feel empowered. Thank goodness this works for me. I never plan when it will happen. The urge simply drops down upon me. There must be a me needing calm cause which ignites the obsession but I promise you it is not willful. I'm grateful to have been wired in this way (thank you mother and dad) and to have a husband with the courage to leave the house while I am in this mode.

Karen Maggie said...

Absolutely! Organizing a workspace or even re-arranging furniture can be very therapeutic.

HeadCorders said...

YES, me too! And I start by making a ton of lists! :)

Kimberly R. Hodge said...

YES! I do this constantly. I've always known it was a sense of control, but I must say, it works for me and always calms me down to know there are a few things that I can count on knowing where, when, and how.

- Kimberly