Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Virtual Bedroom for Tonight zzzzz

I picked a good one, didn't I? This looks like a wonderful bedroom  for a country girl like me. Wouldn't it be great if those two drawers underneath were dog beds? One for Webster and one for Piggy sleepovers. His power came on late today so he's leaving us tomorrow. via


YONKS said...

That is the bedroom of my dreams and those drawers can be used for anything you like mt dear! If you want them as doggy beds, you have them as doggy beds, sounds good to me :-)

Vickie H. said...

What a wonderful room! Thank you for sharing! And yes, those drawers are definitely for Webster & Piggy!!! Have a very nice weekend!

pilgrimscottage said...

Beautiful bedroom! Love the wood. Rustic meets elegance.

Karen said...

Yes, this bedroom is definitely a winner...the rustic wood and soft throw invites rest.
Happy Friday,