Friday, November 11, 2011

Coffee Cup on My Assistant's Head

I had a request for a picture of my folk art assistant with my coffee cup on his head. Here it is before my first sip of the day.  See how handy it is to have such a great item? The edge is burned from the days someone used it as a smoking stand. I'm sitting just to the left. Aren't you glad I don't have to reach 'all the way' over to the coffee table each time I want a sip of coffee while I'm blabbing blogging?

Remember to make a wish at 11:11 am today (11/11/11). You'll have to wait 100 years to do it again. You might as well stay up late and make another wish tonight at 11:11 pm. It can't hurt and remember to wish big.


Anonymous said...

I delight in your blog! Only found you recently and eagerly await your every entry..... Clever and good writing! Keep it coming!

J.W. said...

Thank you for the photo!