Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bookcase in My Bedroom

Here's a portion of my cocoon-like bedroom. It's only big enough for a double bed with a table on one side and a floor lamp on the other. It has a window on either side and I love it. Small is the new big. This bookcase was an afterthought when my renovation was going on. It was designed for the living room but I didn't like the way it looked there and it turned out to be perfect here. I honestly can't imagine my bedroom without it. 


karen said...

What a great looking book case...your room looks like it's very cozy, one of my favorite descriptions for rooms I adore.

Sue said...

I've always preferred small (read:snuggly) to those large spaces. And the bookcase is a wonderful addition. Looks like a great spot on a cold winter's night for some reading and winding down.

Nancy said...

The bookcase looks like it was original to the house. It's perfect and I didn't even notice the t.v. on the "stand" of books at first. Great idea.

jAne said...

i rather *love* it. :o)

Anonymous said...

This is perfect! I'm so happy other people are starting to like small spaces too. Give me a cozy room any day.

The Queen Vee said...

Ooh, ah a peak into your charming cosy bedroom ...what a treat. I thought the bookcase was original to the cottage until I read your post. So many wonderful things to view..... the pink geranium, a white finial, the clock, do I see binoculars(?), much loved books. I must confess though that my eye went to the Claude Lorraine book. Seven years ago I visited a friend in London and we went to an antique show where I purchased a wonderful Claude Lorraine engraving commissioned by the Duke of Devonshire. It hangs in my kitchen and I enjoy looking at it every day. Thanks for sharing this special private space.