Friday, November 11, 2011

Adele sings 'Someone Like You' in her own home [video]

It's almost impossible to listen to the radio for any length of time without hearing Adele sing this beautiful song. I was delighted to find a video of her sharing the history of this song and then to be able to hear her sing it live from her home. The house tour is amazing. I'm glad she has a sweet little dog. Watch and listen here.


Bonnie said...

So beautiful!

Karen said...

Wow! This was so wonderful. I have this album on my iTouch but it's so great to hear her talk about the song and to see her darling apartment...not to mention the doggie.

The Queen Vee said...

She's been having a really rough time. She recently had to cancel several concert appearances and I read last week that she had throat surgery. I really like this woman and I can understand her lyrics when she sings. Hopefully she'll win album of the year over Lady GaGa who I strongly dislike.