Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday iPhone Fotos

Webster smelling iPhone to see if it's edible.

Tangerines and onions on my kitchen table.

Tabitha in the morning sun.

A brass letter clip.

A bit of fall color.
Have a great Sunday. I hope I am not boring you with my new smartphone photos. I am having such fun carrying it with me wherever I go and snapping away. I actually got it because of the camera and I couldn't be more pleased. Enjoy this beautiful day.


Carol said...

You aren't boring me at all! I am amazed at the great photos -- I may have to get me one of those!

Gail, in northern California said...

Holy cow! Those photos are crystal clear. My gosh, those tangerines and onions are unbelievable--as though you could reach out and touch them. Apple has come a long way. I am very impressed. Keep clicking away, Rosemary.

Cari said...

More! More!

juniper said...

love them! keep them coming! :)

webster esp. made me smile hehe

penelopebianchi said...


You must have stood in line! I preordered it!

You have to ask "Siri": "What's the best smartphone?"

My cousin stood in line; and we were on our land-lines; and she asked it!

You will fall down laughing! You got a lot more than a great camera!!!


By the way; did you know that it was named the "4S"
Because it is "For Steve".
That made me cry!

Karen said...

I loved the close up of Baxter. Your phone really is a remarkable camera too!

Karen said...

Rosemary...sorry, I meant Webster, not Baxter. (sorry Webster).

pilgrimscottage said...

Hello Wester and Tabitha! Love the pug in the chair on your sidebar. Too cute and funny.

Alette said...

I love the shadow of the cat! Beautiful upturned little nose...

There is magic in every cat image.

BTW... You are a great shutterbug! You have the touch :)

penelopebianchi said...

Well....Have you asked her???? "What is the best "smartphone?" Please do! And report!

I am not kidding! Ask Siri! Oh Please!