Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More Little Library Photos

Andrew Carnegie built an impressive 2,509 libraries around the turn of the 20th century. Now Rick Brooks and Todd Bol from Wisconsin are on a mission to top Carnegie's total with their two-foot by two-foot Little Free Libraries.

These diminutive, birdhouse-like libraries, which Brooks and Bol began installing in Hudson and Madison, Wisconsin, in 2009, are typically made of wood and Plexiglas and are designed to hold about 20 books for community members to borrow and enjoy. Offerings include anything from Russian novels and gardening guides to French cookbooks.

See more photos and read more about these charming tiny free libraries here. I've already blogged about these birdhouses for books once but thought you'd want to see more photos. I still want one, don't you? Visit their website too: littlefreelibrary.org


pilgrimscottage said...

When I was a child, libraries was my favorite place to visit. These are just darling.

Bonnie said...

Me too! I would be so happy to put in the first 20 books. Bonnie

Aunt Kristin said...

What an awesome, lovely idea! I've never heard of these before now.


The Queen Vee said...

I want one of these, I have plenty of books I would be willing to share.

Tracy Brown said...

These are just wonderful! My father is a carpenter, I wonder if he would be able to build one for me? Thanks for providing the link to "Little Free Library" too. You always find the most delightful photos and stories, Rosemary!