Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Easy Living

I can honestly say I can't picture myself here for months to come. I can't seem to catch up with all of my outside chores not to mention my inside ones. I feel as if I missed all of September due to all of the rain and Irene cleanup. I did a load of dark laundry today that was nothing but work clothes covered in mud. I guess the pampered life is not for me. Sigh. image via tumblr


Bonnie said...

I do love the table.

Karen said...

What a pretty room. It will be all the nicer to relax when all of your work is caught up, right? :-)
Hope you see light at the end of your chore tunnel.
We have rain here today so I'm resting in front of the fire.

Juniper said...

oh gosh... I hope you can get some rest soon *hugs*

penelopebianchi said...

I love your blog! i love your perspective.....and all of your stories!

Now I am going to your giraffe one! My favorite animals!

(I took my daughter to Kenya on a photographic safari in 1986; we went to the "Giraffe Manor" and I fed "Daisy" and the other giraffe with the pellets in my teeth ! I have pictures!


Elizabeth said...

I feel your pain! In Va we had the hurricane, a nor'easter, and last week terrible flooding from a freak rain storm.

I feel like I cannot catch up and there are so many things I want to do, like relax, and read and bake and cook, and live life...

Love the space, very pretty and honestly, what is not to love about a chaise lounge!