Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Attic Office

I love an attic office with a view. Mine is like being in a tree house. Since I got a wireless laptop I don't spend as much time there as in the past. It's so nice to be untethered. image


Bonnie said...

Is this you office? I can't help but think of Jo March sitting at that desk , writing "Little Women".

Juniper said...

your blog always brightens my day, I was in the hospital recently and this blog was my mainstay to give me a smile! Thank you! :)

The Queen Vee said...

Oh my, I do love everything about this space....the white floor, the rug, the large lamp and contempory chair....the dark pine desk with special pictures and fresh flowers on it and all by a window with a view. Thanks for the peek, now I must get back to writing a few thank you notes on my kitchen table.