Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happiness is a Good Oatmeal Pan to Lick

The oatmeal stuck to the bottom of the pan this morning and Piggy is thrilled. He's had his head stuck in there for the past half hour trying to get every morsel. Food is quite precious to him since he is on a diet. Last week the vet said he must lose a few of his 24 pounds before winter sets in when this breed has a real tendency to pack on weight. He has scooted the pan all over the kitchen so maybe it is a workout as well. Hope you find your bliss too this weekend.

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Tina Eudora said...

Bless little Piggie's heart! I love oatmeal too Piggie!
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend Rosemary, it is just beautiful here this morning and the cats are all outside basking in the sun! I think the have the right of it!
Tina xo